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Our Mission

  1. The conservation of natural resources in order to manage the game, fish and other wildlife in its habitat in Henry and Wood Counties, along with surrounding areas 

  2. To promote and manage friendly relations with landowners and sportsmen

  3. To cooperate in obtaining proper respect for and observation of fish and game laws

  4. To create a lasting legacy to the outdoors through education, preservation, tradition, and recreation


We are conservation, ​education, and recreation. 

History and

What We Do:

The HWSA was founded in 2014 by a group of people who saw significant changes in our local landscape that were having adverse effects. Fence rows were being removed, trees were being cut down and our waterways and wildlife were suffering for it. 

The goal of the HWSA is to promote conservation and preservations projects in our area and to promote recreation areas in Henry and Wood County. We do this in a variety of ways. Examples of how we participate are: 






Each Spring, the HWSA stocks local public fishing areas with perch. In 2022, these areas included the Deshler Reservoir, Hamler Reservoir, Oakwood Park in Napoleon, Weston Reservoir and Lake Township Park. In addition, HWSA restocked the Adam Phillips Pond operated by the Wood County Park District, which was victim of a complete fish kill several years ago. While these are all public fishing areas, please check local regulations regarding a fishing license. 

Each Fall, these same public fishing areas are stocked with Trout. This allows for use of these areas throughout the entire year for fishing. 

If you are working with your local Soil and Water Conservation District on a wind-break or oak savannah, the HWSA will help offset your out-of-pocket costs. In 2022 this means up to $100 per acre with a $5000 max. 

No conservation project is off limits. If you are undertaking a project and have out-of-pocket expenses that will not be reimbursed, contact us. We can help offset those costs. 


Board of Directors


The HWSA is led by a Board of Directors consisting of four people from Henry County and four people from Wood County. Our current Board of Directors: 

 Henry County: 

 Bob George 

 Bob Hesterman 

 Jeff Mason 

 Steve Thomson

 Wood County: 

 Jim Carter  

 John Hrosko

 Brad Carson

 Brad Trumbull


Greg Carson, President 

Chris Seedorf, Vice President 

Amy Thomson, Treasurer 

Laura Carson, Secretary 

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